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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Presenting The New Dirty South Record Label

Segura Trading is proud to announce their newest and most awesome projects the Dirty South Record Label, combining the amazing talent from Houston, TX from New Orleans, LA from Alanta, GA and all the way down to Biloxi, MS.

The label will be extremely unique and will always keep the same principles, never selling out to what the world wants and never selling out your true self.

"To thyne own self be true."

That's the principle that our label is going to be founded upon and we are proud to take on those who have the same values and life styles.

Please, feel free to send us your tracks or a business proposal, we are going to be open to all public submissions of talents. Thanks, and have a great day. Please, send all questions, comments, and concerns to WhitneySegura@gmail.com

The official label website will be announced very shortly. Artists whom have already signed with the new label include the crazy Chase "The Jigganaut" Maegyn, yours truly Whitney "Dj WeedyP" Segura, Paul "Crazy Man" Carson, and Gerald "HtownSEO" Weber.

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