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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Joined Under30CEO - Posted blog post there

I joined Under30CEO.com a day or two ago, its a very cool little group for entrepreneurs that is ran by aspiring young people like myself. I just posted a high quality blog post onto my profiles blog on their site, I think that it will help alot of people out and get people moving. I stayed up all night long again working on compostbintumbler, I made a few sales on it without knowing so now I am going full force on that store. I am looking forward to getting compost bin tumbler and best garden gifts running smoothly and selling daily products, I just need to outsource some more content production. All for now I have a date with Emma Starr, Dirty Natali, and some sexy latina in her bathroom ? It's gunna get nuts! If ya know what I mean lol

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My week recap - mid may!

Well, I just got a blog banned I think and I haven't made too much money this week, except on Amazon. I need to find a few new places to sell stuff on and advertize.

Post more in a bit, I am busy working at the moment... just wanted to get a word in real fast!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday May 5th - Propeller SEO Discovery

Well, today is Monday May 5th, 2009 and it was another long day of work, but iI got a bunch of good stuff done.

So, I was just on propeller propping some articles and also submitting my most recent blog post "Silverline Rion Greenhouse Review" on minigreenhousekits.blogspot.com.

I realized I didn't have many friends and was not really interacting with many people on propeller other than my other friends in social media that I instant message. I was going through other peoples profiles and through some groups in some of my niche topics then I realized a very valuable technique that not many people are using on Propeller.com.

I wish I could openly share this tip with everyone reading my blog right now, but I can't, because it is just that good and powerful. If I let it go public then everyone will be using it and Propeller will change this thing about their website. Then, I will be shit out of luck and so will you. I am not saying I will not tell anyone who asks me directly, I am just saying that it is not going public in a blog post just yet!

If you want to know about my new and most powerful uses for the social bookmarking website Propeller.com then please contact me on Google Talk username: WhitneySegura or by email: WhitneySegura@gmail.com and I would be glad to help you out as best I can.

I am always willing to help out anyone with the desire to be helped, just remember that! Also, most people underestimate my knowledge and skill with SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media, and Web Design & Development, because they do not know my reasons for doing things. I have a detailed and proven way of doing things, so thats how it stays!

Thanks for reading & hit me up if you want this secret info!
Whitney Segura

The Wonderful World of Whitney SEO Segura

New profile at tumblr

I just created a new blog profile at whitneysegura.tumblr.com Maybe, I am taking on too much I dont know, but I posted my lasted update about my life there. See ya there! It is 4 A.M.! WOOT!
Dad is in Vegas and I have to work!

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