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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Louisiana Search Engine Optimization

Exploring The Local Lafayette Louisiana Search Engine Optimization Industry

Well now, I just wanted to come by real quick while I have time and announce that I have a new article I would like everyone to read, just visit find the best SEO Experts at SEOWorkers.com. Hopefully now you know a little bit more about internet marketing and the chances of success you actually have!

Four Tips 4 Great Success!
1. Pick 2-3 Social Media Websites Only & Master Them
2. Develop A Joint-Venture Partnership
3. Keep Workspace Clean
4. Master The Art Of Measuring ROI!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Reading Between The Lines To Find Those Extra Income Opportunities

Reading between the lines to find those extra income opportunities!

With this recession looking to be around for the foreseeable future, we're all – or nearly all – looking for extra income opportunities to augment the family coffers. It used to be fairly easy to find a part-time job for just a few hours a week to bring in a little extra cash. Now, as I look around, I notice that many small retail business owners are now filling in hours that used to be worked by part-timers. Still, there are some extra income opportunities available. You just need to look in some unlikely places and do a little reading between the lines. Here are a few ideas to get you started, with a different mindset.

Keep in mind that you're not the only one who is feeling the pinch. In fact, there are a few entrepreneurs on the net, who have a jump on the situation and know where you're coming from. There are newsletters out there, free for the asking, which have made their mission one of helping you reach your objectives. They've already done the leg work, searching out many resources of extra income, such as opinion polls, surveys, sweepstakes and freebies. These entrepreneurs are staking their reputation on pre-screening these resources, screening out the scams and zeroing in on the legitimate extra income opportunities. Try Googling 'newsletters saving frugal extra income' and see what you'll find. You may not get rich, but any extra income is a good thing, right?

Now, here's where you want to start thinking outside the box. While you may not traditionally think of coupons or giveaways as a source of extra income, if you can get $20 in coupons you'll actually use, that's $20 in your pocket. That expense is transformed into income! If you can get some freebies from a cosmetic company, you've effectively increased your disposable income, because you didn't have to buy the products. So these types of savings are actually extra income opportunities; money that you would have spent, but stays in your wallet!

Here's another way this downturn in the economy can work in your favor. Everyone's tightening their belts now and this includes your local businesses. While they may need some work done, it's not enough to hire even a part time employee. Perhaps they just need someone for a week or two. Contact some of the temporary employment agencies in your area and see if they don't have one of these extra income opportunities for you!

This last way to pick up some extra cash is one of my husband's favorites: the garage sale. I'm one of those people who keeps every little thing forever, unless I get a little push to get rid of some of it. Works every time. Everyone's happy when the garage sale is over. We've got some extra money, the garage is clean and the buyers got some good deals!

Take heart! There are many extra income opportunities, if only you know where to look!

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What Are Email Lists?

What Are Email Lists?

Whenever you put your name and email address down somewhere, your details are going onto a list of some kind, and nowadays it will usually be into email lists. That’s just the way of the world, and there’s little you can do to avoid it, but there are some ways to lessen the impact to your personal life by taking some small steps when you do give out your details for whatever reason.

Email lists are basically marketing and sales tools used by many companies to help in their efforts to gain customers or clients for whatever product or service their pushing. These lists can sometimes be used by good companies to make you aware of what they have, specials they have for list customers only and things of that nature, but where there’s good there’s always bad, too. When your details get onto an email list anywhere, it only takes one less than honest person to sell it to the wrong people, and this is how everyone ends up getting those emails that you never signed up for, like the male enhancers, the “you have won the lottery” emails and such. A simple yet effective way to minimize this is to have 2 email addresses, one you use for real email, and another specifically for when you have to give an email address out. This simple little thing, which is free to do as email addresses are free just about everywhere now will totally remove you from the possibility of getting your real email address onto those email lists.

If you don’t want to bother with the above method, then only give your email address to those companies or people that you absolutely trust, such as your doctor’s office or pharmacy. Remember though that no matter who you give it to, you WILL be going onto someone’s email lists. This may never affect you as not everyone employs email lists for anything other than the reason they stated when asking for it, but that’s not to say that someone working there won’t steal and sell that list for a fast buck or 300.

Only accept and open emails from people you know, as sometimes bad marketers send out millions of emails with randomized addresses in the hope that someone really has that email address and they won’t know if it’s good or bad until the email gets opened, so be aware that all emails coming to you may simply want you to do this to include you onto their email lists for selling to others.

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Effective Email Marketing Techniques That Pack A Punch Without A Heavy Handed Approach!

Effective email marketing techniques that pack a punch without a heavy handed approach!

If you've got a website and want to increase your traffic, you know that e-newsletters can be a quite effective email marketing strategy. The trick is in knowing how to hook your readers without taking the heavy handed approach to sales. Sure, sales and profit is your bottom line, but you've got to provide significant value for the best results. In the end, you want to make your readers look forward to receiving your emails, eager to open and read, from beginning to end. What makes readers enthusiastic when they see an email from your business? They find something of value to them personally, in every issue of your newsletter.

While you may think this is a tall order, it's really not so difficult as you might think. Whether you're selling information, a service, or a product, you're the expert in your field. You know all the ins and outs, nuts and bolts about your business. It's more than likely that the vast majority of your customers don't. You have an opportunity to educate them. An informed customer is far more likely to buy from a credible expert.

Distributing a free e-newsletter is one of the most effective email marketing strategies you can employ to increase your traffic and build a relationship with your subscribers. It's also a good marketing technique for gaining word of mouth referrals. Don't be shy about letting your subscribers know they're free to pass your email on to an interested friend. One satisfied reader tells a friend or neighbor how great your e-newsletter is. You may start out with just a few hundred subscribers - before you know it, your readership expands exponentially. Pretty soon, you've got exposure you might never have realized through search engine rankings based solely on the content of your site.

When you're working up the presentation of your newsletter, it's a smart idea to make a template, which presents each issue in a predictable order. For example, start each issue with a masthead (issue # and volume#), followed by an introductory paragraph summarizing the contents. A table of contents helps whet the appetite of the reader: tidbits of info and links (a low-key sales pitch opportunity), followed by the feature article, which should be the centerpiece of each issue. Following the feature article, you might have a single affiliate link relevant to the information contained in the feature piece. You might then introduce a section for reader's comments, which is good PR for you, creates a sense of an interactive community and makes for an effective email marketing strategy.

Think about winding up the newsletter with several affiliate links to products or services that your readers will find valuable. For example, if you've got a travel website, search out some hot deals on cheap travel, ones your subscribers wouldn't ordinarily find on their own.

Depending on the focus of your website, a freebies section can be a real draw. Everyone is looking for ways to save these days, so when you can direct your readers to some freebies, they'll appreciate it. This is effective email marketing.

Some caveats to consider for the most effective email marketing strategies: when you offer your free e-newsletter subscription, the double opt-in subscription gives you credibility. Your visitors will feel more confident in you and your business reputation when you let them know that when they sign up, they'll receive an email asking them to confirm their desire to receive your emails by clicking a confirmation link. Also, be sure to include a statement, right up front, to the effect that you respect their privacy and won't ever sell, share or trade their email address with anyone.

While you may send occasional emails to alert your subscribers to special sales or events, don't overdo it. Too many emails starts to feel like spam to your potential customers.

Following this basic formula, you'll have a most effective email marketing strategy, one that pleases your subscribers and increases your bottom line. It's a win-win for everyone.

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Looking For Guest Bloggers & Blogs

I Am Currently Looking For Guest Bloggers & Blogs

There are no real requirements to the level of quality the blog or blogger has to be up to, just dedicated enough to put out a post or article of decent quality. You can talk about your blog, promote your products or business, include up to two links going back to your site, and really get into the topic of your choice.

Preferably, I would like home and garden blog posts or articles for my guest blogs that I am offering opportunities on. I am looking to be a featured blogger on anyone who has a blog that is of some quality and has some following, I would prefer a blog related to green living or home and garden, but I am not going to be very picky.

I will produce a high quality article that will add some real value to your website and it will be completely unique content. As well, I will be promoting the post through social media websites such as Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Mixx, Propeller, and Delicious. I am not sure if you know me or not, but I have been called a "social media guru" by many search engine optimization professionals, social media marketing professionals, and professionals in the internet marketing industry, not to brag or anything, I just wanted to give you a little insight to who I am. :)

If you are interested in this opportunity go ahead and fill out a comment below being sure to list some contact information, such as an email address or instant messaging address. I will get back to you within 24 hours and fill in all the details.

Thank you for your interest, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, tips, ideas, or any other kind of thoughts I would love to hear them!

Hope to hear from you soon,
Whitney Segura

Follow me on Twitter @GardeningFun

Email: WhitneySegura@gmail.com

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Presenting The New Dirty South Record Label

Segura Trading is proud to announce their newest and most awesome projects the Dirty South Record Label, combining the amazing talent from Houston, TX from New Orleans, LA from Alanta, GA and all the way down to Biloxi, MS.

The label will be extremely unique and will always keep the same principles, never selling out to what the world wants and never selling out your true self.

"To thyne own self be true."

That's the principle that our label is going to be founded upon and we are proud to take on those who have the same values and life styles.

Please, feel free to send us your tracks or a business proposal, we are going to be open to all public submissions of talents. Thanks, and have a great day. Please, send all questions, comments, and concerns to WhitneySegura@gmail.com

The official label website will be announced very shortly. Artists whom have already signed with the new label include the crazy Chase "The Jigganaut" Maegyn, yours truly Whitney "Dj WeedyP" Segura, Paul "Crazy Man" Carson, and Gerald "HtownSEO" Weber.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Joined Under30CEO - Posted blog post there

I joined Under30CEO.com a day or two ago, its a very cool little group for entrepreneurs that is ran by aspiring young people like myself. I just posted a high quality blog post onto my profiles blog on their site, I think that it will help alot of people out and get people moving. I stayed up all night long again working on compostbintumbler, I made a few sales on it without knowing so now I am going full force on that store. I am looking forward to getting compost bin tumbler and best garden gifts running smoothly and selling daily products, I just need to outsource some more content production. All for now I have a date with Emma Starr, Dirty Natali, and some sexy latina in her bathroom ? It's gunna get nuts! If ya know what I mean lol

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My week recap - mid may!

Well, I just got a blog banned I think and I haven't made too much money this week, except on Amazon. I need to find a few new places to sell stuff on and advertize.

Post more in a bit, I am busy working at the moment... just wanted to get a word in real fast!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday May 5th - Propeller SEO Discovery

Well, today is Monday May 5th, 2009 and it was another long day of work, but iI got a bunch of good stuff done.

So, I was just on propeller propping some articles and also submitting my most recent blog post "Silverline Rion Greenhouse Review" on minigreenhousekits.blogspot.com.

I realized I didn't have many friends and was not really interacting with many people on propeller other than my other friends in social media that I instant message. I was going through other peoples profiles and through some groups in some of my niche topics then I realized a very valuable technique that not many people are using on Propeller.com.

I wish I could openly share this tip with everyone reading my blog right now, but I can't, because it is just that good and powerful. If I let it go public then everyone will be using it and Propeller will change this thing about their website. Then, I will be shit out of luck and so will you. I am not saying I will not tell anyone who asks me directly, I am just saying that it is not going public in a blog post just yet!

If you want to know about my new and most powerful uses for the social bookmarking website Propeller.com then please contact me on Google Talk username: WhitneySegura or by email: WhitneySegura@gmail.com and I would be glad to help you out as best I can.

I am always willing to help out anyone with the desire to be helped, just remember that! Also, most people underestimate my knowledge and skill with SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media, and Web Design & Development, because they do not know my reasons for doing things. I have a detailed and proven way of doing things, so thats how it stays!

Thanks for reading & hit me up if you want this secret info!
Whitney Segura

The Wonderful World of Whitney SEO Segura

New profile at tumblr

I just created a new blog profile at whitneysegura.tumblr.com Maybe, I am taking on too much I dont know, but I posted my lasted update about my life there. See ya there! It is 4 A.M.! WOOT!
Dad is in Vegas and I have to work!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

StomperNet SEO Elite Internet Marketing

StomperNet SEO & Internet Marketing Education

I am a member of StomperNet if you did not already know. If you do not know who Stomper is then I must tell you, they are the largest private internet marketing education community in the world. They provide me with the latest and greatest in internet marketing and teach me everything I need to know from how to use FaceBook to the fullest to how to get multiple #1 search engine placements. The membership costs about $900 a month to be in StomperNet and I have been a member for about 3 months now. I can honestly say that during these past 3 months I have learned and implemented many things that directly have led to me making a minimum of two times more than the cost of the membership.

StomperNet SEO Internet Marketing It is completely worth it, but only if your serious about doing this. StomperNet is full of amazing things that could make you a millionaire! Theres a catch right? Well.. it will do nothing only if you do nothing, thats the catch!

If your one of those people that is just looking for that next "silver bullet" or "shiny object" then don't even bother spending your time or money on StomperNet. A silver bullet is a deadly weapon that can do massive amounts of damages, but often times these silver bullets are used by people who have mastered the art of using them.

I can't tell you how many people spend their money and time on internet marketing education and do not implement anything. They watch a video and then go to the next new and exciting thing that someone else had great results with... This is not the route you should or want to take, StomperNet is filled with hundreds and
hundreds of hours worth of videos, home study coarses, magazines, and more!

Let me know if you are a StomperNet member or are thinking about joining our community, because....Theres no people like Stomper people, thats for SURE!

The Whitney Segura Offical Blog

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday - April 4th 2009

Well, I just got back from all of my DRC classes and went to the DMV and got a new lisence. I am now working on blog posts and doing some link building. I just paid Ryan Lehmanrylan for some work he has been doing for me. I will post more later!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wonderful World Of Whitney Segura Welcome

Wonderful World Of Whitney Segura Welcomes You

Today Sunday April 4th 2009 I created my newest blog called, "The Wonderful World Of Whitney Segura" and it will be just that!

Now, your thinking why would you want to read about my life? Because I am one of the craziest and most interesting persons you will ever meet, I promise you this. I already know that you laughed when you read that last sentence, its a normal reaction to a statement of that nature. I would laugh and laugh hard if someone I didn't know told me that.

Anyways, I want to let you know who I am and what I do in this post. Right now I am just 20 years old and I currently live in Lafayette, Louisiana. I work full time as an Internet Marketer, and (Search Engine Optimization) SEO specialist. Just 3 months ago I started working full time, in one year I will have 5 full time employees, but enough about that boring stuff. I have a very unique thinking style and business mindset and my results speak for themselves.

About a year ago I was earning $500-1000 a day selling drugs and for the past 6 months my life has been 100% clean. Your probably wondering about the long story and if I got arrested for selling or not. Well, I did not get caught, but my best friend did, I was much too smart to get caught, but I saw the possibility of it being me instead and knew a something had to change.

That's all for now I am going work on another website, thanks for listening & know that anything is possible for anyone, its just the ones with the biggest hearts that make it a reality.

Announcement: Apprenticeship Program Launch Coming Soon - Live BETA (Invite Only)

Internet Marketing/Entrepreneurship Apprenticeship Opportunity: Over a decade of toying with this idea/business model concept has left a hun...