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Sunday, April 19, 2009

StomperNet SEO Elite Internet Marketing

StomperNet SEO & Internet Marketing Education

I am a member of StomperNet if you did not already know. If you do not know who Stomper is then I must tell you, they are the largest private internet marketing education community in the world. They provide me with the latest and greatest in internet marketing and teach me everything I need to know from how to use FaceBook to the fullest to how to get multiple #1 search engine placements. The membership costs about $900 a month to be in StomperNet and I have been a member for about 3 months now. I can honestly say that during these past 3 months I have learned and implemented many things that directly have led to me making a minimum of two times more than the cost of the membership.

StomperNet SEO Internet Marketing It is completely worth it, but only if your serious about doing this. StomperNet is full of amazing things that could make you a millionaire! Theres a catch right? Well.. it will do nothing only if you do nothing, thats the catch!

If your one of those people that is just looking for that next "silver bullet" or "shiny object" then don't even bother spending your time or money on StomperNet. A silver bullet is a deadly weapon that can do massive amounts of damages, but often times these silver bullets are used by people who have mastered the art of using them.

I can't tell you how many people spend their money and time on internet marketing education and do not implement anything. They watch a video and then go to the next new and exciting thing that someone else had great results with... This is not the route you should or want to take, StomperNet is filled with hundreds and
hundreds of hours worth of videos, home study coarses, magazines, and more!

Let me know if you are a StomperNet member or are thinking about joining our community, because....Theres no people like Stomper people, thats for SURE!

The Whitney Segura Offical Blog

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday - April 4th 2009

Well, I just got back from all of my DRC classes and went to the DMV and got a new lisence. I am now working on blog posts and doing some link building. I just paid Ryan Lehmanrylan for some work he has been doing for me. I will post more later!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wonderful World Of Whitney Segura Welcome

Wonderful World Of Whitney Segura Welcomes You

Today Sunday April 4th 2009 I created my newest blog called, "The Wonderful World Of Whitney Segura" and it will be just that!

Now, your thinking why would you want to read about my life? Because I am one of the craziest and most interesting persons you will ever meet, I promise you this. I already know that you laughed when you read that last sentence, its a normal reaction to a statement of that nature. I would laugh and laugh hard if someone I didn't know told me that.

Anyways, I want to let you know who I am and what I do in this post. Right now I am just 20 years old and I currently live in Lafayette, Louisiana. I work full time as an Internet Marketer, and (Search Engine Optimization) SEO specialist. Just 3 months ago I started working full time, in one year I will have 5 full time employees, but enough about that boring stuff. I have a very unique thinking style and business mindset and my results speak for themselves.

About a year ago I was earning $500-1000 a day selling drugs and for the past 6 months my life has been 100% clean. Your probably wondering about the long story and if I got arrested for selling or not. Well, I did not get caught, but my best friend did, I was much too smart to get caught, but I saw the possibility of it being me instead and knew a something had to change.

That's all for now I am going work on another website, thanks for listening & know that anything is possible for anyone, its just the ones with the biggest hearts that make it a reality.

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